Five Things You Should Do In Asbestos Removal

June 2, 2017

Asbestos Removal Sydney-1oil note we show it that sore but we’ll take a better look later these are some materials are looking for drywall has the materials paint cans asbestos forwarding inside here sometimes these old stoves in here hold chimneys you know this is standardization’s about all we can look at this ones pretty basic I’ll give you a shot of the house after you okay we’re in abasement now.

Thistle home during my Asbestos Removal Sydney inspection of the basement what I’m going to be looking for what am I do is we can see bits of flooring hard to sees light chart working proper here rechecked shelf tenacious of vinyl flooring on shelves this white tape here would be asbestos we won’t sap who because we know it’s a hundred percents best est more flooring hard to see but there’s more flooring we look it under the stairs.

see if there’s any flooring-and what we do is we see a table top here it’s got a vinyl floor this would be an asbestos product I know judging by removing that material before we know it’s asbestos we see the same floor herein goes also under there in a few closet areas so we’ll take one sample that floor here’s a duct tape if you look at the hall water tank we know it’s a new hot water tank it’s probably like about five years old at most newest cusses issues as you can see ducting full asbestos Raptor so we know that the guaranteed has asbestos we look in the wall a little hard to see but that Wallis.